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Danone was the first CAC40 listed company to have trusted Ucopia controllers to secure guest WI-FI access for their head offices. We’ve rolledout the solution in 10 Countries: France, UK, Netherland, Poland, Russia, Germany, Egypt, Spain, South Africa, and UAE. Ucopia’s sponsorship and delegation functions were key to the success of worldwide rollout. Request a demo Danone UseCase - Smart Wifi Danone UseCase Background
Disney DISNEY Disney, one of the most recognisable brands worldwide, notably in amusement parks, was looking for a robust on-premise Wi-Fi solution to connect 60,000 visitors simultaneously across the entire Parisian amusement park. The deployed Ucopia Wi-Fi controller enables Disney to collect precious data from visitors which is used for marketing purposes. Request a demo Disney Background SNCF SNCF SNCF, France's national railway company operating the country's rail traffic, was looking for the most robust high density Wi-Fi solution to enable their millions of commuters to connect to a secure public Wi-Fi solution. Our 20 year long experience in deploying high density public Wi-Fi solutions convinced SNCF to grant Hubone to roll out Ucopia controllers to all railway stations in France. The Ucopia controller was the perfect fit, with our state-of-the-art filtering and user data collection system, to enable SNCF to enrich it's CRM. Request a demo SNCF background SNCF Usecase - Smart Wifi Stade de France STADE DE FRANCE STADE DE FRANCE were faced with a problem, their old operator’s solution needed replacing as it no longer provided Stade de France with a platform to support their guest services. Deploying Ucopia made it possible to meet these new requirements, such as offering a printing service in the boxes, advanced customization of the captive portal for specific events, promotion of on-site hospitality services, and downloadingof the Stade de France application.Ucopia made it possible to respond to these new uses for high-density WI-FI with the ability to simultaneously connect more than 20,000 spectators,allowing them to upload their photos and videos to social networks, and toshare the experience with their circle of friends. The stadium now has a platform to support more innovative services (for example, in seat ordering or instant match replay) as they’re introduced. Request a demo Stade de France - Background Ville de Paris MAIRIE DE PARIS The City of Paris introduced Paris Wi-FiTM, a network of 300 hot spots across the city (including Libraries, Gardens, Museums). Not having ownership of the data being collected using their original operator’s solution was a concern, and in choosing to deploy an Ucopia solution supporting 10,000 simultaneous connections, the City became the owner of the data collected as a result. Weblib consultants developed a specific user experience for each type of location; The museums have a service portal which provides current and
future exhibition information in addition to the various on-site services offered. Forms were required for the Parks and Gardens portal, as well as access to tourist information on the city (what to do in Paris, excursions and bars).
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WLAN mit den höchsten Standards

Ucopia ist kompatibel mit Smart WiFi: Erfahren Sie mehr über unsere Hybrid-Cloud-Lösung
Out-of-Band-Architektur bedeutet universelle Hardware-Kompatibilität.
Konform mit den höchsten Sicherheitsstandards der Branche
On-Premise-Architektur für maximale Stabilität.
Bis zu 50.000 gleichzeitige Verbindungen.

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Ucopia ist ein leistungsfähiges Datenerfassungstool und lässt sich über unsere öffentlichen APIs leicht in Ihr CRM integrieren.

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Wählen Sie aus einer Reihe von zusätzlichen Filtern, wie z. B. Geschlecht, Login-Typ und die Altersspanne, die Sie analysieren möchten.

Laden Sie alle gesammelten Daten herunter oder exportieren Sie diese in Ihre CRM-Lösung.

Finden Sie heraus, wie viele Kunden in Ihre Stores zurückkehren, wie alt sie sind, welches Geschlecht sie haben und aus welchem Land sie kommen.

Checken Sie die WLAN Nutzung und tracken die Verbindungen.

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