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Use Case Total - Tab inStore Total Total needed to reinvent the way they engaged with their 2.500 gas stations in France. They chose Tab in Store to roll-out tablets packed with the relevant applications to create an effective communication channel between the headquarters and their subsidiaries.
Powered by various apps ranging from tech support to training and product management, it’s a whole new way of working. Digital, flexible and cost-effective.
Click to learn more about Tab in Store Total Usecase by Weblib - Tab inStore
McDonald's McDonald’s McDonald’s has been innovating in the field of restaurant technology for years, bringing free wifi to all of their restaurants worlwide for more than a decade. In their ever-lasting endeavour to bring more service and attention to their customers, McDonald’s chose Tab in Store to provide a new kind of digital entertainment. Customer-facing tablets are now available in hundreds of restaurants worldwide, bringing instant connectivity, games, and news to their customers. It’s a powerful channel to display special deals and brand content. Click to learn more about Tab in Store Mcdonalds Usecase by Weblib - Tab inStore AXA Banque AXA AXA Banque runs banking agencies all over France. Faced with the quick evolution of their customers’ expectations, AXA wanted to reinvent in-store experience. Bringing more autonomy, but keeping that reassuring human presence not far if needed ! AXA chose the Smart Kiosk developed by Weblib. Most daily operations can now be done in self-service, including cashing checks in real-time, for the first time! Click to learn more about Smart Kiosk Axa Banque Usecase - Smart Kiosk Uniqlo UNIQLO UNIQLO launched their european operations in 2018, with an ambitious store-opening plan. Being a digital-savvy brand, UNIQLO wanted to change the rules of in-store customer engagement. More than offering free wifi, the brand was looking for a personal touch. UNIQLO chose Smart Wifi as their in-store digital marketing platform. UNIQLO customers can connect to Smart Wifi using their social network account, join the loyalty program and get personalized deals. Click to learn more about Smart Wifi Danone DANONE
Danone was the first CAC40 company to choose the Ucopia solution to secure their guest Wifi access for their headquarters. Today Danone uses Ucopia in 10 countries: France, UK, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Germany, Egypt, Spain, South Africa, and UAE. Ucopia’s sponsorship and delegation features are key to this worldwide rollout. Click to learn more about Ucopia Danone Usecase by Weblib Danone UseCase Background
Disney DISNEY Disney, one of the most recognisable brands worldwide, notably in amusement parks, was looking for a robust on-premise Wifi solution to connect 60,000 visitors simultaneously across Disneyland Paris. The Ucopia solution enables Disney to collect quality data from visitors which is used for marketing purposes. Click to learn more about Ucopia Disney Background Disney Wifi portal by Weblib SNCF SNCF SNCF, France's national railway company was looking for the most robust high-density Wifi solution to enable millions of commuters to connect to a secure public Wifi. Our 20-year experience in securing public Wifi convinced SNCF to choose Ucopia controllers to equip all railway stations in France. The Ucopia controller was the perfect fit, with its state-of-the-art filtering and user data collection system. Click to learn more about Ucopia SNCF background SNCF Usecase - Smart Wifi Stade de France STADE DE FRANCE STADE DE FRANCE was facing a challenge : replacing their Wifi solution to support a new generation of guest services. Ucopia made it possible to meet these new requirements, such as printing services in VIP lounges, advanced customization of the captive portal for specific events, promotion of on-site hospitality services, and downloading of the Stade de France application.
Ucopia made it possible to connect more than 20,000 people simultaneously, allowing them to upload photos and videos to social networks, and to share the experience with their friends. The arena is now able to support innovative services such as seat ordering or instant match replay.
Click to learn more about Ucopia Stade de France - Background
Ville de Paris Ville de Paris The City of Paris introduced Paris Wifi, a network of 300 hotspots across the city (including libraries, public parks and museums). By choosing a Ucopia solution, the City now supports 10,000 simultaneous connections, and is able to collect qualified data as a result. Our consultants developed a specific user experience for each type of location. Museums' Wifi portal displays current and future exhibition information in addition to on-site services. Forms were required for the Parks portal, as well as access to tourist information (what to do in Paris, excursions and bars...). Click to learn more about Ucopia Mairie de Paris - Background

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Smart Wifi

Next-generation Wifi in the cloud.

Smart Wifi is a cloud-based Wifi solution optimized for user-engagement. Unleash your Wifi with a state-of-the-art captive portal for customers and employees. Smart Wifi is compatible with most Wifi equipments.

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A powerful solution to manage mobile devices in corporate or retail environments. Marketing and IT teams use Control Tower to update and configure mobile devices, making sure they always match your digital strategy.

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Customers’ expectations have shifted radically. They want autonomy. They also want service and proximity. Smart Kiosk is equipped with cutting edge technology and user-friendly interfaces. Bringing innovation in retail banking: autonomy, with a touch of service.


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Imagine never having to wait to order and to check. It’s possible and simple with smilein. No need to download an app. Just log onto the wifi, place your order and pay. That’s it! That’s an innovation for restaurant, food court, hotel, stadium, event, leisure, workspace…

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Trusted by global companies for their headquarters, hospitals, hotel chains, stadiums, airports, concert halls… If you’re looking for the best Wifi solution out there, Ucopia is the name you need to remember. Security, stability, compatibility.

McDonald's Usecase -Tab inStore Our R&D department delivers constant innovation Mcdonalds Usecase by Weblib - Tab inStore We provide global companies with world-class digital solutions to stay ahead of their competition.