Smart Wifi
The ultimate cloud Wifi solution.

For all spaces :

Our solution is GDPR-ready. Add your own optin marketing to keep in touch with your users. With Smart Wifi you work on your wifi marketing, wifi advertising and social wifi.

Cloud solution.
Captive portal wifi easy to deploy. No hardware. Secures 100% of your wifi hotspot portal.

Smart Wifi includes different ways of accessing the Internet to your wifi guest access: social login (Facebook), email form, SMS, delegation, etc.

Our wifi marketing platform makes it easy to push targeted content to each user

Compatible Network


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Control Tower

A powerful supervision tool



Control Tower - Weblib Backoffice

Smart Wifi is a powerful way to engage with your customers and know them better. Leverage your Wifi Hotspots marketing to promote products and services.

Smart Wifi Dashboard - Control Tower - Weblib

Data Visualization

Choose from an array of additional filters such as gender, login type and the age range you’d like to look at, for example.

Download all the data collected or export to your CRM.

Find out how many customers are returning to your stores, their age range, gender and home country.

Track Wifi usage and connections