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Weblib designs solutions for managing and securing Wi-Fi access.

Our solutions UCOPIA (high density Wi-Fi), smilein (control and payment), Smart Wifi (Wi-Fi in the cloud) and Tab inStore (simple management device) are deployed in more than 80 countries and in multiple sectors.

We help all public places to strengthen the link with their users, employees or customers.

Weblib relies on a global network of technology and operational partners to ensure global continuity of services and deployments worldwide.

Our technologies are compatible with most industry standards to facilitate deployments, adapt to our customers’ infrastructure, and ensure cost effectiveness.

Why become a partner? 

The Weblib Partner Program is designed to increase your revenue, support your business model and facilitate communication between your employees and our teams.

# Certification training

# Business development

# Opportunity registration (leads)

# Library of sales materials

Our UCOPIA Certifications

The Foundation certification is focused on UCOPIA’s Express Lite and Express solutions.

Obtaining the Foundation certification is required.

This training is focused on the more technical requirements of the Express solution.

Obtaining the Foundation and Superior certification is required.

This training is focused on the most advanced version, Advance.

Support customers on the issue of guest management (Wi-Fi or wired), across all industries.

Master the speeches and have a relevant argument according to the different sectors.

The UCOPIA Partner Program

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How to become a Weblib partner?

How long are they valid?

UCOPIA certifications are personal and are awarded following an examination. They are valid for a period of 2 years from the date of issue.


Where and how to obtain them?

Our distributors offer dates for taking the various certifications.

How is it validated?

The certification is validated if the participants obtain a mark higher than 70%. As a reward, the participant will receive an individual diploma as proof of passing the exam. The diploma will indicate the date of certification and the period of validity.

Our trusted partners

Network equipment

Cisco logo
Ubiquiti - Weblib Network Partenaire
Extreme Network Cisco - Weblib Network Partenaire
Fortinet - Weblib Network Partenaire

Mobile devices

Our main integrator partners

Monaco Telecom - Weblib Integrator Partenaire
Apixit - Weblib Integrator Partenaire
SCC - Weblib Integrator Partenaire
T System logo integrator Weblib
HubOne - Weblib Integrator Partenaire
NXO - Weblib Integrator Partenaire
Dimension Data - Weblib Integrator Partenaire
Cancom logo integrator Weblib
Computacenter - Logo
British Telecom - Weblib Integrator Partenaire
SPIE - Weblib Integrator Partenaire
Exaprobe - Weblib Integrator Partenaire
Telonic logo integrator Weblib
Infodis - Weblib Integrator Partenaire
ZenConnect - Weblib Integrator Partenaire
Cheops Technology - Weblib Integrator Partenaire
air logo integrator weblib

Our distribution partners

Optima Network - Weblib Integrator Partenaire
Exer - Weblib Integrator Partenaire
Beip - Weblib Integrator Partenaire
Crestan - Weblib Integrator Partenaire
Alliance Com - Weblib Integrator Partenaire
Conectdata - Weblib Integrator Partenaire
Conectdata - Weblib Integrator Partenaire
Also - Weblib Integrator Partenaire

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