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Tab in Store is an easy-to-use Enterprise Mobility Management solution that can be used in a variety of enterprise environments, and can be adapted to your needs. Fleet monitoring, real-time content management, instant enrollment : you name it, Tab in Store can do it.
Tab inStore - Made in Design RETAIL Department stores, fashion retail, specialty stores: retail is our playground. We have been working hand-in-hand with retail leaders since 2009 to create outstanding shopping experiences and deliver store performance through digital innovation. Our solutions are highlycustomizable but cost-effective. Contact us Tab inStore - McDonald's RESTAURANTS Tab in Store has been used in restaurants for 10 years and is particularly well suited for that type of environment. It can be used for customer-facing tablets to provide digital entertainment and display product information. It can also be used by employees and managers to bring the best of technology into their daily routines : digital food safety, inventory, HR, business intelligence etc. Contact us Tab inStore - Accor Hotel Arena (Berçy) HOSPITALITY Weblib has been designing new experiences in hospitality for more than 10 years. We help international brands redefine the customer journey in an ever-changing industry. We understand your needs. We harness the best of technology to bring your ideas to life – and delight your customers. Contact us

Tab in Store Mobile Device Management (MDM) for all your needs

Real-time monitoring using devices APIs for MDM Android
Fleet management for IT teams, including data visualization
Kiosk-mode enabled for customer-facing tablets for your solution mobile device management (MDM)
Over-the-air content update using Control Tower for your android on tablet kiosk mode
Custom features for employee handheld devices

In-store tablets are a

key for driver for

Boosting family business.
Enhancing customer experience.
Increasing customer loyalty.

Employee tablets are a

key for driver for

Employee training.
Driving the business.
Boosting employee / HQ communication.

Security is key

Trusted by banks,
Tab in Store guarantees the highest level of security.

Our proprietary kiosk mode can wipe every device clean after each use

Control Tower and Tab in Store

The all-in-one dashboard for content management, monitoring and analytics of your mobile fleet

Tab inStore - Control Tower management