“Paroles de collaborateurs”

Souleymane Tall,
Head of IT

Meet Souleymane, who joined Weblib as Head of Engineering in Paris

Hi Souleymane, nice to have you with us, can you tell us more about your choice to join Weblib?

My decision to join Weblib was based on a combination of the company’s culture, growth opportunities, innovative solutions, strong leadership, and positive reputation.

During the interview process, I had the chance to interact with both the CTO and the associates, and their enthusiasm and dedication towards their work impressed me. The company values align with my own, and I believe that a strong company culture is essential for personal growth and success.

Weblib is a rapidly growing company with a clear vision for the future. This growth presents numerous opportunities for professional development and advancement. As someone who is always seeking new challenges, I am confident that Weblib will provide me with the platform to learn, grow, and make a significant impact.
The technical stack is widely significant as well as the innovation


Can you speak about your job?

I ensure that our web engineering practices and standards are of the highest quality. This involves promoting best practices, code reviews, quality assurance processes, and continuous improvement initiatives. I also encourage knowledge sharing and learning within the team to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and technologies.
Indeed, I oversee the performance optimization of web applications and systems, ensuring that they are scalable, efficient, and secure. I work closely with our IT Manager and Cloud Engineer to address any performance issues and implement necessary improvements.
Overall, my role as the Head of Web Engineering is focused on driving technical excellence, leading a high-performing team, delivering successful web projects, and continuously improving our web capabilities.


And in everyday life, who is Souleymane?

  • Learning every time: I am always exploring new concepts and expanding my knowledge base.
  • Run: I have a natural inclination towards problem-solving. I enjoy tackling complex challenges and finding innovative solutions
  • Collaboration: I believe in the power of teamwork and collaboration. I strive to foster a positive and inclusive work environment
  • Architecture: Designing new concept and architecture to achieve product issues
  • Developing: Development, Code Review and Deployment


Thanks to Souleymane for his answers and his time !

September 12, 2023

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